Distribution Operations

  • Within the scope of Warehouse Operations, HEET Trans performs its services successfully with free storage, warehouse, on-site management, value-added services and automated solutions. Thanks to the flexibility of the WMS (Warehouse Management system) software it uses, it operates according to FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, Lot Tracking, Serial No tracking, Production Date, Expiry Date criteria and can provide customers with 24/7 web based stock information. .
  • HEET Trans is structured with its expert and trained personnel in order to establish and operate special warehouses for your company and / or products, as well as providing services in common-use warehouses.
  • The Planning and Analysis team within HEET Trans continues its activities to provide lean and low-cost storage and distribution services by examining customer processes, performing cost analysis and reporting process improvement – development suggestions. HEET Trans manages all warehouse operations at the customer location by taking customer products from the production line with its high standards, efficient and technology-integrated storage philosophy.
  • HEET Trans warehouses have 24/7 security, fire safety in line with international standards and insurance practices against all accidents and natural disasters.


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