Our Values

Heet Trans

HEET Trans has created Corporate Governance Principles as a guideline in order to adopt and apply business principles and business ethics to all employees and stakeholders. These principles consist of the titles below.

  • Compliance with corporate culture, ethical understanding, good management philosophy and business ethics
  • Observing the confidentiality of the company, customers and business partners.
  • Observing employees’ working conditions and rights
  • Communication principles determined in terms of relations with people / institutions, stakeholders and media with commercial relations Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Corporate social responsibility perspective determined to contribute to employees, society and the environment

In combined transportation, attention is paid to keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum by focusing on rail and sea transportation.

By constantly controlling our greenhouse gas emissions in road transports, despite our increased business volume, our greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by continuous improvement.

It prioritizes the necessary improvements to prevent energy waste in all workplaces. By designing green office projects, measures are taken to minimize the use of water, electricity and natural resources.

It adopts waste management systems that make a difference by organizing continuous trainings for its employees to give importance to recycling and the understanding of reuse-green.

Environmental and public health measures are taken both in their own activities and in the activities of their suppliers.

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